Your chance to decide the future of the Lib Dems

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

As you know, Vince has now formally announced his resignation, and, as your President, I am triggering the process for the election of his successor as Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

I’d like to take a moment to thank Vince for all he’s done since he was elected leader in 2017. He’s been a steadying influence when it was most needed – and that’s led to us gaining new MEPs (exact number to be announce tomorrow evening!) and almost 800 councillors. Thank you, Vince.

The time to join the Lib Dems is now.

The time to join the Lib Dems is now. Not only are we riding high after our amazing local election results and European election campaign, but you also get a say on the future of our party.

Anyone who joins by 7th June gets a vote and it couldn’t be easier to get involved – it takes just 5 minutes to sign up. Membership starts at as little as £1 per month and you get a huge variety of benefits such as:

It couldn’t be easier to get involved – it takes just 5 minutes to sign up.

  • Come to conference and decide party policy
  • Exclusive party training events
  • Discounts and deals only available to members
  • Stand for the party at local, Welsh Assembly/Scottish Parliament, Westminster or European level
  • And more – you can read more here:

Why join the Lib Dems?

Get involved today. Join the biggest, strongest Remain party – become a Liberal Democrat member now.

Together, we have rebuilt the Liberal Democrats.

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

Last night, the British people finished voting in the European elections. The fallout is there for all to see, with the Prime Minister finally conceding this morning that she has reached the end of the road.

Our campaigning over the last three years has kept the cause of remaining in the European Union alive, and I now believe we have a strong chance of stopping Brexit. When the votes are counted on Sunday, I expect us to do well.

I want to thank the volunteers who have made that possible. I was very touched while campaigning around the country by the enthusiasm and optimism of our members and supporters.

I will be proud to hand over a bigger, stronger party on July 23rd.

Many who kept going through difficult years for the party are now enjoying our resurgence as a major national force.

Our long and proud tradition of success in local government was revived this month by the best local election results in our party’s history. In the last two years, we’ve gained 780 more council seats and 15 new councils.

And membership is at record levels with a strengthening base of supporters amongst students and young people.

Together, we have rebuilt the Liberal Democrats. I couldn’t be more grateful.

I said earlier this year that the time would soon come to hand over the leadership of the party to a new generation. That process begins today: I will be proud to hand over a bigger, stronger party on July 23rd.

If you want a say in choosing my successor, join the Liberal Democrats by the 7th June. Membership starts at as little as £1:

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Or, if you’re already a member, take a minute to ask your friends and family to join us:

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There are major challenges ahead. One is to win, finally, the battle to stop Brexit. Our campaigning has given hope; now we need to secure a referendum in Parliament, and then win it.

Another is the opportunity created by the conflict and decay within the two main parties to build a powerful, liberal, green, and social democratic force in the centre ground of British politics. We are now in an excellent position to lead such a movement.

As we do so, I am confident that we will regain ground at Westminster, with a big group of MPs and more influence on the national stage.

Thank you, as ever, for your support over the last two years.

Brexit has ended another Prime Minister’s career

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

This morning, Theresa May rightly recognised that she has reached the end of the road.

But a new Prime Minister won’t solve Brexit. Neither will a General Election. Leaving the EU without a deal will cause our country untold harm and widen the gap between the richest and poorest in society.

That leaves only one way forward – stop Brexit.

Conservative Party interest has always trumped national interest, and yet Conservative MPs continue to demand an ever more extreme Brexit policy.

The best and only option remains to take Brexit back to the people. I believe the public would now choose to stop Brexit.

— Vince Cable (@vincecable) May 24, 2019

The Liberal Democrats have been fighting for you – not politicians – to have the final say on Brexit for almost 3 years. We’re gathering steam every day.

We stormed the local elections, cementing our place as the biggest, strongest Remain party. And now we’re on course for a solid result in the European elections when they are announced on Monday.

A new Prime Minister won’t solve Brexit. Neither will a General Election.

Brexit was the end of this Prime Minister. It will likely be the end of the next unless they put the Brexit deal back to the people.

The Liberal Democrats are committed to securing a People’s Vote – whoever gets the keys to Number 10. Join our campaign today.

And polls have closed!

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

That’s that – polls for the European elections are now closed!

We’ve fought so, so hard – I’m incredibly proud of each and every single one of our candidates, campaigners and voters. 💛

In the last 6 weeks, we’ve:

🔶 Fought a large-scale campaign that went toe-to-toe with Labour, the Conservatives and Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party

🔶 Delivered over 12 million letters

🔶 Reached over 2.5 million people via social media – on polling day alone

🔶 Knocked on 225,000 doors

🔶 Nearly tripled our standing in the polls – from 7% to 20%:

European Parliament voting intention:

BREX: 35%

LDEM: 20%

LAB: 15%

GRN: 10%

CON: 9%

CHUK: 3%

UKIP: 3%

via @IpsosMORI, 20 – 22 May

— Britain Elects (@britainelects) May 23, 2019

This couldn’t have happened without our amazing members and volunteers. They’ve worked their socks off – and if the polls are right, we’re on course for some amazing results on Sunday night.

We’ve picked up some pretty significant momentum since our amazing local election results at the start of the month. And we’ve got big things in the pipeline – why not join us today and be part of what’s to come?

Membership of the party is great value – it starts at just £1 a month. Take 5 minutes now and join the biggest, strongest Remain party – it’ll be worth it, promise 😊

Just 6 hours left to vote!

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

We’ve had an amazing campaign – and now it’s nearly over. You’ve got until 10 tonight to get out and cast your vote for the Liberal Democrats to stop Brexit!

We’re the biggest, strongest Remain party – and we’re on course for an amazing result. These European elections are your chance to send a message to the pro-Brexit Labour and Conservative parties – we just want it to stop.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats tells the right wing Brexiters that you demand better than this Brexit mess.

Vote for the biggest Remain party: vote Liberal

— Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) May 23, 2019

The Tories are in a mess. They’re too busy fighting amongst themselves to do anything about Brexit. Theresa May’s “new” Brexit deal went down like a cup of cold sick across Parliament – the only sensible way out of Brexit now is a People’s Vote.

But the Labour party is fighting tooth and nail to stop that happening. Jeremy Corbyn has aided the Tories on Brexit every step of the way. He’s ignoring Labour supporters up and down the country who want an exit from Brexit – and they’re joining our campaign instead.

The Labour party is fighting tooth and nail to stop a People’s Vote happening

Our message has been clear: bollocks to Brexit. (Sorry to Nigel Farage for offending his delicate sensibilities.) Brexit is a national embarrassment – and we’ve been fighting hard to stop it for almost 3 years. I’m proud that we’ve taken a stand for the future of our country.

But now it’s down to you. Only your vote has the power to make a difference and send pro-Remain Lib Dem MEPs to Parliament. Stop Brexit – be a Lib Dem voter today.

Help us get the Remain vote out – let us know you’ve voted:

I’ve voted!

I’ll be casting my first ever national vote tomorrow – for the Liberal Democrats

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

Tomorrow, my first ever vote is going to be a vote for the Liberal Democrats to stop Brexit.

Just in case the ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ campaign slogan didn’t make it clear enough; every vote for the Lib Dems is a vote to Stop Brexit and remain in the European Union. They’re the biggest remain party and were the first to call for a People’s Vote back in 2016.

I wasn’t old enough to vote in the referendum. I didn’t get the chance to make my voice heard. So tomorrow is my first chance to vote against Brexit. That’s why my first ever vote will be for the Liberal Democrats.

I’ll be voting to protect opportunities for young people like myself; to make sure EU funding can continue to reduce regional inequality like we feel in my home of Shropshire; and to safeguard our public services, jobs, and economy.

My first ever vote will be for the Liberal Democrats.

Any Brexit, whether it’s Labour red or Tory blue, will devastate our country.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party can no longer claim to be the party of young people, or of those left behind by Westminster politics, or of working people. By backing and “bailing out” a Tory Brexit, they’ve abandoned us.

Truly remarkable. The constant Gardiner to the Tories: “We are in there trying to bail you guys out.”

— John Harris (@johnharris1969) May 3, 2019

And the Tories? For the sake of settling internal disputes over Europe, they’ve risked the future of our country and enabled the rise of nationalistic, divisive politics from the likes of Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson. It’s a disgrace.

The Lib Dems are at 19% in the polls – the biggest, strongest remain party. If all Green Party voters lent their vote to the Lib Dems in this election we could elect more remain MEPs who are committed to fighting the climate emergency, including one in every single region. The Liberal Democrats lead on green issues. Laws introduced by Lib Dems have helped to tackle plastic waste, air pollution and much more.

Any Brexit, whether it’s Labour red or Tory blue, will devastate our country.

Tomorrow, you and I have the chance to reunite our country and build a Britain that’s truly internationalist, open and liberal. Join me in voting for the Liberal Democrats, to help our country heal and prosper at the heart of a dynamic European Union.

It’s simple: you can find your polling station on your poll card or online below. You don’t need your polling card to vote:

Find my polling station

The Government’s website has more info if you need it:

Find out more

On the ballot paper there’ll be a long list of parties, but you only get one vote. Make sure you put your cross in the box next to the Liberal Democrats. It only takes five minutes to vote.

It’s your chance to truly shape the future of our country, to stop Brexit and to vote for real action to combat the climate crisis.

I’m excited to cast my first ever vote in a European election tomorrow. I’m voting Liberal Democrat – will you join me?

Help us get out the Remain vote – let us know you’ve voted:

I’ve voted!

Do you want to stop Brexit? Vote for the Liberal Democrats.

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

I’m proud to have been the anti-Brexit Spokesperson for a party that has been unequivocal about Brexit for three years.

Meanwhile, like many people, my colleagues and I have attempted to decipher Corbyn’s riddles and work out exactly what the Labour position is on Brexit.

Labour, Conservatives, UKIP, or the Brexit Party: they all want Brexit.

We’ve urged him to back us on key votes.

We’ve tabled amendments to give the people the final say on May’s shambolic deal, inviting him to join us in the voting lobbies.

We’ve marched on the streets. But all the time, we’ve been left wondering. Where’s Jeremy Corbyn?

And it’s not just Labour. Labour, Conservatives, UKIP, or the Brexit Party: they all want Brexit.

I’ve spoken to Parliamentarians and voters from various parties. They despair at their parties’ determination to deliver Brexit. A decision we all now know will be damaging for our economy, our NHS, and jobs across the country. I sympathise with those who have held out hope that their party leaders might yet emerge from their self-imposed Brexit maze with a sensible policy.

Political allegiances are often lifelong: they aren’t just a fad or a club that you’ve joined. Being part of a political party speaks to who you are, your values and what you want for the country. I know that those who are leaving a party or voting differently as a result of their Brexit stance, aren’t doing so lightly.

But I also know that if those people recognise that Britain is better off in the EU, then these are not the parties for them this Thursday.

We’ve always been clear on a people’s vote. We’ve always welcomed any progressive development of our democracy.

When Liberal Democrats first announced our policy of campaigning for a people’s vote, with the option to stay in the EU, we felt very lonely. No other major party stood with us. But over the last three years, we have welcomed the presence of others who’ve joined us in this fight.

We’ve always been clear on a people’s vote. We’ve always welcomed any progressive development of our democracy. I can completely empathise with Parliamentarians who could no longer sit back and watch their parties deliver Brexit. Those like Mike Gapes who left the Labour party or former Tory Deputy PM Michael Heseltine who is voting for the Liberal Democrats.

Thursday is an opportunity for us all send a message on Brexit. Like it or not, the result will be interpreted as a proxy-referendum, an opportunity to test the water. As things stand, Liberal Democrats are standouts in the polls. Remainers in huge numbers are getting behind our clear message – stop Brexit.

Frustratingly, in spite of the milkshake misadventure, Farage’s Brexit party are also lurching ahead.

This is where the battleground now lies both nationally and regionally. In some parts of the country, we are going head-to-head with the Brexit party for MEP seats. The voting margin, as to who will win, is falling in the margin of error. Every vote will count.

My message to them and all Remainers who despair at the embarrassing state of British politics is to get behind the Liberal Democrats.

Many who were denied a vote in 2016 will be given a say this time – namely young people who weren’t 18 three years ago and EU citizens. Both are groups disproportionately affected by this Brexit mess and both will be given a voice on Thursday.

My message to them and all Remainers who despair at the embarrassing state of British politics is to get behind the Liberal Democrats. We’re going into Thursday as the strongest voice for staying in the EU and keeping the UK together. We’ve just won over 700 council seats. We have the activists to speak directly to voters and get their voices represented in Brussels and Westminster.

We also have a clear message: every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit. Regardless of your past political allegiances, it’s time to realise that Brexit is bigger. It is wrecking our country and the other main parties have failed to put country before their ideological obsessions. It is time to vote for a party that is clear: it’s time to say bollocks to Brexit. It’s time to vote for the Liberal Democrats.

We have GoD on our side in the European Elections!

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

1. Lord Heseltine, Tory peer

The former Deputy PM endorsed us in the Sunday Times. He immediately had the whip suspended, which as Twitter pointed out was a bit suspect:

Lord Heseltine: I’m endorsing the Lib Dems.

Con Party: That’s your whip withdrawn for supporting another party.

Countless Tory politicians/Councillors/members: I’m endorsing the Brexit party.

Con Party: *Deafening silence*.

— Addy Atky (@Addy_Atky) May 20, 2019

2. Andrew MacKinlay, former Labour MP

Andrew was MP for Thurrock for 18 years and a Labour member for 52. But he endorsed us on Monday, slamming Labour’s refusal to oppose this Brexit shambles. He even came and spoke at our final rally last night – catch up here!

Catch up on our rally

3. Gus O’Donnell, former civil servant

Gus, former head of the civil service and cross-bench peer, wrote for the Times to endorse us. He was very clear – we’re the biggest, strongest party of Remain and if you want to stop Brexityou need to vote Lib Dem.

Delighted that Lord (Gus) O’Donnell joining Tory Peers Lords Heseltine and Cooper in voting @libdems tomorrow. GOD has devoted his life to public service and knows stopping #Brexit is in our national interest

Cameron peer is latest Tory to back Lib Dems

— Dick Newby (@RichardNewby3) May 22, 2019

4. Julie Girling, independent MEP

Writing for her blog, Julie said that we’re the only party with the infrastructure to send MEPs to Brussels who’ll make a difference. She agrees – a vote for the Lib Dems is the most effective way to win a People’s Vote.

5. Matthew Parris, former MP and columnist

Speaking on Newsnight, he condemned the Tories’ unceremoniously chucking of Michael Heseltine. Then, he endorsed us and urged Remainers to do the same:

“Anyone that wants to stop Brexit should vote Liberal Democrat because the @LibDems are the main opposition and the people with the best chance to get MEPs in”

— Dipa Vaya (@DipaJVaya) May 20, 2019

6. Michael Cashman, Labour peer

Lord Cashman’s endorsement was succinct, so we’ll let him do the talking for us:

I think I’ve just resigned from the Labour party by declaring that I will support the Liberal Democrats in the European elections.

— Michael Cashman (@mcashmanCBE) May 21, 2019

7. Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgian prime minister and leader of ALDE, the EU liberal group

Guy Verhofstadt’s message from Liberal Democrats on Vimeo.

BONUS: Labour’s lead MEP candidate in the South East

We’re not sure it was perhaps as deliberate as the ones above, but Labour’s lead candidate in the South East had this to say in a hustings – “if you want to stop Brexit, vote with your heart, vote Liberal Democrat”…

Even Labour’s own MEP candidates are admitting the truth: if you want to stop Brexit, vote your heart and vote Liberal Democrat this Thursday.

Vote for the strongest party of Remain >

— Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) May 21, 2019

The trend is clear – people from across the political spectrum are getting behind us. Vote to stop Brexit – vote Lib Dem tomorrow:

We want an EU-wide ban on fracking

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

Throughout our history, the Liberal Democrats have lead the way on green issues. The 1979 Liberal/SDP manifesto called for a “war on waste and pollution” and highlighted “the need to reserve the natural environment for future generations.”

Forty years later, our 2019 European manifesto is no less radical. Just last week, Vince Cable announced our commitment to campaign for an EU-wide ban on fracking.

The Lib Dems know that for real change, we need to work together. Without working with our friends across Europe, we have no chance of effectively tackling our climate crisis.

We’re the party that can take on the Brexiteers, the populists, the climate science deniers.

That’s why we’re fighting to stop Brexit. Without a seat at the table, Britain won’t be able to push for the radical, large-scale, progressive change the EU needs to embrace if we’re going to properly address this climate emergency.

Alongside the fracking ban, we’re calling on the EU to:

  • Adopt a net zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2050
  • Increase their standards of and investment in energy efficiency
  • Implement an EU-wide action plan on deforestation
  • Take immediate action to tackle the use of plastics
  • So much more… you can read our full manifesto here.

We know it’s ambitious. That’s why we need the whole EU to pull together – Britain cannot go it alone if we’re going to protect our planet for future generations. When we Stop Brexit, we’ll remain part of the strongest international team against climate change.

The @LibDems have just overtaken Labour in a poll for the #EUElections2019.

The choice has never been clearer. If you support #Remain, then #VoteLibDem. We are the only credible choice to #StopBrexit.#RemainersUnite#BollocksToBrexit

— Wera Hobhouse MP 🔶 (@Wera_Hobhouse) May 17, 2019

With Lib Dem MEPs in the European Parliament, we’ll be able to call for real, meaningful change in EU environmental policy. As well as being the largest Remain party in the country, we’re also the party with the strongest record on green issues and solid, radical, evidence-based environmental policy. We’re the party that can take on the Brexiteers, the populists, the climate science deniers.

By voting Lib Dem this Thursday, you’ll be part of the team that is fighting to Stop Brexit, and fighting to save our planet for the generations to come. Pledge your vote today.

48 hours to save the country – what you missed at our final election rally

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

Tim Farron, Layla Moran and Vince Cable spoke at our last rally of the EU elections in London this evening. And they were joined by a special guest – Andrew MacKinlay, former Labour MP for Thurrock.

Read their barnstorming speeches and catch up on the action here:


What you do in the last few hours matters massively.

It is about Britain being part of the biggest peace process in the world.

If we do well in these elections, it changes everything.

The narrative, the story changes. It is no longer the story of how we deliver Brexit, it is the story of how we stop Brexit.

In the last four years, we have saved this party. We have 48 hours to save this country.

I am here so I can say to my children that I did everything I could to save this country.

Be a patriot. Vote Liberal Democrat.

I did my best for you – and we won.

That is in touching distance in the next 48 hours

If you vote Liberal Democrat you can change the story. If you change the story you can change the future of this country.

It is easy to mistake the patriot and the nationalist. A patriot loves their country. A nationalist hates their neighbour.

Be a patriot. Vote Liberal Democrat.

Across the country, we are coming across people who have never voted Lib Dem before, because of the passion of our message and the credibility of our cause.

Every time someone tweets that they are voting Labour or Tory, think how much it would take for you to not vote for the party you love.

But there are things that change.

Here is a parliamentary colleague, Andrew MacKinlay, who did just this.


After Christmas last year, I let my membership of the Labour Party lapse after 52 years, 18 of which was as an MP.

I made a similar decision when I resigned from Parliament 9 years ago, I decided to resign from frontline politics.

Until that result in June 2016.

I was not prepared to acquiesce in silence in a show of national self-destruction.

Against the backdrop of that vote being orchestrated, funded by people of whom we know very little.

Month after month, I waited with bated breath for the official opposition to demand a People’ Vote.

But we waited in vain.

What is Jeremy Corbyn’s problem with a People’s Vote?

Truly remarkable. The constant Gardiner to the Tories: “We are in there trying to bail you guys out.”

— John Harris (@johnharris1969) May 3, 2019

It seems to me common sense.

We make decisions all the time and then change our minds.

We’ve instructed surveyors and architects only to find rotting in the attic, or Ofsted says the school we’re looking at isn’t great.

Sensible people have the opinion to back out.

The British people are entitled to think again.

I’m tired of waking up and listening to Barry Gardiner and Emily Thornberry with the words ‘let me be clear’ and then never be clear.

What is Jeremy Corbyn’s problem with a People’s Vote?

It’s hardly surprising; they are led and appointed by Jeremy Corbyn, who just a few hours after the ref was demanding that the Article 50 letter was sent, showing ignorance of what was at stake.

Even up to Sunday morning, I was hoping for the Labour party to back a People’s Vote.

Proud Europeans, it is now make your mind up time.

The position of the Labour Party is incoherent, inconsistent.

The only vehicle to support this Thursday are the Lib Dems.

I invite those Labour voters to reflect with me – there is now an opportunity to strike out and to get that realignment of the centre-left.

To say, I believe in Europe. I don’t want to apologise for Europe. But I want to proclaim it as a force for good, for the arts, for employment rights, for conflict minimisation and conflict reconciliation, including in our own neighbourhood across the Irish Sea.


This time two years ago, when the snap election was called, I was utterly convinced I was not going to be elected.

I’d decided I was going to step back from politics.

I’d gotten a job offer as a deputy head, and I told my to-be boss that “if you want to make some money, bet against me – there is no way in hell I am going to overturn a ten thousand Conservative majority in one go.”

But I did.

People now think that my constituency, Oxford West and Abingdon is a haven of pro-European voters. It’s really not though. We have dyed-in-the-wool leavers – like much of the country.

It was where Tim Farron met a Leaver on the campaign trail and they discussed their differences. They ended up hugging it out.

Because we’re all exhausted by Brexit. We all want to just make it stop.

I’m full of nostalgia today. I’m wearing the same dress I wore to launch the People’s Vote campaign.

Because us Liberal Democrats – we’ve been there from the beginning.

We were a lone voice in June 2016, in the aftermath of the referendum result, when we called for a People’s Vote. We didn’t do it because it was popular. We did it to stay true to our pro-European values.

And we’ve never wavered.

Theresa May says we’ve already had a referendum. She forgets that the referendum had less than 2% between the result. She forgets that a year later we had a general election – one that delivered so indecisive a result that we had a hung parliament.

We were a lone voice in June 2016, in the aftermath of the referendum result, when we called for a People’s Vote. We didn’t do it because it was popular. We did it to stay true to our pro-European values.

And under her stewardship, the country has become more and more divided.

Today the Prime Minister said in a press conference, ‘look across the world at the health of Liberal Democrat politics’

Indeed, Prime Minister.

If you look, you will see the best local election results we’ve ever had – in Leave and Remain areas, in the North and South of the country, among men and women, young and old – every type of voter is saying to the two main parties, you are a disgrace.

The Liberal Democrats are flying high.

In Oxford West and Abingdon, we had LOADS of paper candidates that were accidentally elected a few weeks ago.

And if I had that conversation with the head teacher a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have been able to say don’t bet against me.

I would bank on the Lib Dems to come through right now.

To the people waving EU flags tonight – I love that flag. I grew up the daughter of an EU Commission official. My parents live in Brussels, my grandmother is in Greece.

I am actively seeking my Greek passport because of Brexit. I don’t want to have to.

Because I am European.

We are all European. We deserve our place in the EU.

We have 48 more hours. Go out and campaign, in the European elections – not just for your future but for our children’s future and our country’s future.


Thank you to everyone that has been part of our European election campaign and our campaign to secure a People’s Vote.

I want to take tonight to first thank Tim Farron. He was the person who made the brave choice three years ago, in the aftermath of the referendum result, to commit our party to a People’s Vote.

Since then, we’ve been the party of remain, the party fighting to stop Brexit.

Our European election campaign has been a journey, aptly described by the big campaign rallies we’ve had.

The first, when we launched our election campaign and before the local elections results had come in, the press asked me how our party would be anything other than completely humiliated by Change UK.

At our manifesto launch, the press were slightly nicer, after our spectacular local election results.

Although they struggled with our slogan – Bollocks to Brexit.

But I’ve checked and it has a long and distinguished history. It means nonsense.

I’ve been travelling around the country, hearing from voters. I’ve been mobbed by a hen party in Malaga, nurses in Liverpool, commuters in Birmingham.

Around the country, people are with us.

The stop Brexit message has resonated with millions.

And it’s clear why.

Today, the heart of the British steel industry, British Steel is being put into administration, because they have lost their market in Europe.

In Birmingham, they are very worried about Jaguar Land Rover.

On Monday, the report on the health service came out. It is being hollowed out – there is a desperate shortage and the nurses we brought in from Europe are going home – because they feel they are not wanted any more.

Brexit is doing huge damage to our health service – that people thought they were saving.

It is extraordinarily sad.

There are also many positive reasons we want to get our wonderful MEP candidates elected to Brussels.

Around the country, people are with us.

There is an international climate emergency. If you try and tackle climate change at a national level it won’t work. You have to do it from a position of strength to challenge China and the other large polluters.

We stand together as a liberal movement against the appalling trend of populism.

We also want to work with our colleagues in the European Parliament and make Europe safe and secure in a dangerous world of Trump and Putin, Facebook and Google. Now, the EU can exercise serious discipline, we need to stand up to bullying. The EU can do this when we can’t.

I am then debating Trump’s little helper – Nigel Farage.

There are some important things you can do.

Tomorrow we are campaigning in Islington – we are looking for the last few Labour voters in London.

After that, I am then debating Donald’s little helper – Nigel Farage.

Then we are campaigning. Flat out. Non-stop. For 48 more hours. Liberal Democrats are good at campaigning to the last minute. And you can be part of it – and help stop Brexit.