Owen Paterson

Do you demand better representation for North Shropshire?

Do you want an MP who works hard for North Shropshire?

Many many Conservatives told us during the 2019 General Election that they were desperate for an alternative to Owen Paterson but that they feared Corbyn leading a Labour government. That fear was understandable and was writ large in the result but ultimately we were a million miles away from a Corbyn government.

We have grown massively over the last year and since 2016. As we strive to hold Owen and the Conservatives to account we will continue to grow.

If you believe in an open, internationalist outward-looking country…

  • a strong, united, fair and green country;
  • a free country based on the rule of law, balanced by social responsibility;
  • a country accountable to the people where individuals are empowered to be the best that they can be;
  • a strong world-leading country;

…rather than the closed insular nationalist country, we now live in, then join us to demand better and build a brighter future for North Shropshire and the United Kingdom.

Owen Paterson MP

Owen Paterson MP for North Shropshire. If you demand better than Owen Paterson then join us

Are you tired of being let down by North Shropshire Conservatives,  the Conservative Government, Conservative-run Shropshire Council or our Conservative MP, Owen Paterson?

Then join North Shropshire Liberal Democrats in the fight for a brighter future.

Everybody is working hard to make the best of their lives but so often the Conservatives make everyday things harder. They control all of the levers of power, locally and nationally. If you aren’t happy with the way things are and want change then the Conservatives aren’t the answer.  They are part of the problem. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you want to change things for the better then join North Shropshire Liberal Democrats in the fight for a brighter future.

Together we can and will Demand Better for North Shropshire.

Conservatives - Boris Johnson with Trump

Demand Better for local services. Demand Better than the Conservatives. Demand Better than a Conservative-run Shropshire Council. Demand Better than a Conservative Government