Robert Jones highlights inaccessible footpaths

Robert Jones Baschurch footpath

Pavements and footpaths are essential community infrastructure. Walking in and around our communities whether to get somewhere or for exercise, is important for many reasons, not least our health.

Robert Jones Baschurch footpath
Robert Jones Baschurch measure narrow footpath

They should be easy, safe and accessible for everyone 🚶🧑‍🦼👩‍👧‍👦. In some cases they aren’t. Some sections of pavement are poorly maintained, uneven, too narrow, dangerous or in some cases, missing altogether.

Pushchairs can’t safely navigate narrow footpaths

This short section (pics 1-3) is a central thoroughfare in Baschurch. People use it to get to the nearby shop, to the doctor’s surgery, playing fields, and to schools. It is too narrow. This path needs to be widened to ensure everyone, including parents with children, the elderly, and people in wheelchairs or mobility scooters can use it safely.

No footpath on Nobold Road
No footpath on Nobold, Baschurch

On some roads, like Nobold in Baschurch, pavements are completely missing, leaving a dangerous section of the road busy with pedestrians and speeding cars. Where else are footpaths and pavements inadequate? Get in touch to let me know. Thank you, Robert Jones.