Meet David Walker, candidate for Shropshire Council, in Whittington Division.

David Walker with his fiance Sandra

David Walker with his fiance Sandra

David is Shropshire born and bred. He is a former Town, District and County Councillor for Bridgnorth. Currently, he is the Vice-chair of West Felton parish council. He is engaged to Sandra Edwards who's family used to deliver the milk across the area. Their wedding has been postponed twice by covid.

Shropshire is a beautiful county but we don't do enough to promote The Shire

David mapping flood defenses in Essex

David mapping flood defenses in Essex

David believes in transparent and engaged local government.

“Shropshire Council has become too secretive, too remote and too unaccountable to local residents. Local democracy works when decisions are made as close to the communities they affect as possible. Decision-makers need to be engaged with people, responding to their needs and listening. All too often Shropshire Council talks down to residents”.

He wants to see a Shropshire Council that works for Whittington and West Felton.

David is passionate about protecting and promoting the environment.

The environmental crises we face need urgent action. Shropshire Council just isn't moving fast enough. As a surveyor I have spent my career modelling the environment and see the impact poor development can have. Bold action brings many wider opportunities”.

He is committed to working towards a sustainable future for Shropshire, where we can be healthy, happy and prosperous.


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David has been a professional Civil Engineering Surveyor for over 30 years and works for one of the countries top planning consultancies as their Surveyor & IT manager.

Working the length and breadth of the country has shown David just how undersold Shropshire is and behind other areas we are.

Career highlights:

Modelling Rivers for flood prevention inc Severn, Tyne, Teme, Taff and Tame for the NRA / Environment Agency.

Surveying the West Coast Mainline for Network Rail or the M6, M1, M63 & M20 for Highways England

Mapping the West Midlands Safari Park, for the London 2012 Olympics, HMS Forward WWII underground bunker system, National Grid power stations, Ford, and Jaguar Land Rover

He is a trustee for two charities dedicated to supporting the poor and providing affordable housing.

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