Meet Helen Morgan, candidate for Shropshire Council, in The Meres.

Helen and her husband moved to Harmer Hill in 2014 to raise their son closer to family.

Helen, who read History at Cambridge University and is a Chartered Accountant, was the Liberal Democrat candidate in the 2019 General Election, and is standing as the candidate for The Meres in the upcoming local elections.

Helen believes in locally accountable services.

Helen said: “I firmly believe that local communities are served best when the decision-making process is as close as possible to the people affected. I have made my home here in Harmer Hill and fallen in love with life in North Shropshire. I’m determined to work hard to ensure that the rural villages of The Meres get the best possible service from Shropshire Council.”

Helen believes actions are often better than words.

"As a Chartered Accountant I am keenly aware of the importance of sound financial management, and I believe that Shropshire’s services need both to improve and represent value for money. They also need to be fit for a future in which we meet the challenges of improving our environment and our quality of life."

She wants to see a Shropshire Council that works for The Meres.

She had a history of voluntary work in her local community prior to 2014, and set up and co-ordinates the Harmer Hill support group for those needing help during the pandemic. She is a volunteer steward for the NHS vaccination programme and has also volunteered for the committee of the Harmer Hill affordable housing project.

“In Shropshire we see Shrewsbury residents pay the lowest levels of Council Tax while receiving the lion’s share of investment from Shropshire Council. I’m keen to ensure that our villages are supported with the infrastructure they need both to thrive and retain their rural character”.

Helen is passionate about protecting and promoting the environment.

Having worked in the energy industry, Helen is acutely aware of the threat of climate change.  She feels strongly that the government needs to take a proactive stance to diminish the damage of human activity on our planet. She is proud of the Liberal Democrat commitment to a zero-carbon economy and its opposition to fracking.

The environmental crises we face need urgent action, but that action brings opportunity”.

She is committed to working towards a sustainable future for Shropshire, where we can be healthy, happy and prosperous.


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She is passionate about the importance of high-quality early years education, and volunteered as Trustee and Treasurer of her son’s outstanding nursery school, helping to ensure that fifteen hours a week remained free for all local children.

Helen lives with her husband and son in Harmer Hill.

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