Llynclys Crossroads accident blackspot needs urgent action

Today, Wednesday 7th August 2019 there has been yet another collision on the A483 Llynclys Crossroads.

Seven people hurt, a boy and a girl having to be airlifted to hospital.

The junction closed for several hours… again.

Llynclys Crossroads is a known accident black spot and has been an ongoing problem for years. Yet nothing is happening to fix the clear and present danger at this busy junction.

Contrast and compare this to the Maesbury Road junction.

On Wednesday, October 17th, 2018, the Advertizer published an article by Gerraint Jones featuring local driving instructor, Clive Geary, about the confusing layout of the junction and traffic lights at the Maesbury Road/Oswestry industrial estate on the A483.

It would have been far better to have built a new roundabout and saved on the confusing configuration of the traffic lights.

There have been several collisions at this junction as drivers become confused with which traffic light is for their destination.

So why did the council/Highway authority find it necessary to spend a large amount of tax payers money on the Maesbury Road junction with traffic lights when a roundabout would have been far better,safer, more cost effective, along with easier access for HGV’s leaving and arriving at the industrial estate.

This money would have been far better spent at the Llynclys Crossroads on traffic lights at this location. Making the whole junction safer for everyone, be they local people or traffic passing through the area.

I still do not understand the council/Highway authority reasoning for their decisions around these two junctions.

Clive Geary – local driving Instructor and Lib Dem campaigner

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    1. Thanks Elizabeth
      Lights are the best and only practical solution. Enforcement of the 40mph speed limit would help a lot but segregating the traffic flow with lights has to be the best option

  1. I recall we Lib Dems called for a roundabout at the end of Maesbury Road well over a decade ago and the County just fobbed us off saying there were too few accidents to warrant the changes. Also the proposed Llanymynech bypass was to solve the issues at Llynclys.
    Nothing new then from the County Council!

    1. Just buck-passing and blaming others for lack of action meanwhile we just get more accidents and lack of action

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