Julie is retired Probation Officer and was also a Youth Leader when she lived in Folkstone.

She is passionate about politics and was a senior member of Open Britain in Shropshire and organised all of the Shropshire contingent that went to the marches in London.

"I am is pretty wild about potholes and the state of our roads. Our money is being poured down the drain in Shrewsbury while our roads and services fall apart locally. I would make sure we properly invest public money. That means more wisely and on more sustainable projects that will bring a return. There needs to be much more investment locally and for the wider benefit of everyone rather than just Shrewsbury."

Julie believes that we should be proactive and prevent problems from happening at all. "With our roads, I do wonder if someone has to die as the result of a pothole-related accident before action is taken."

As a former Probation Officer and Youth Leader, Julie is concerned about the provision of facilities and opportunities for younger people. Proper investment in youth services and apprenticeships helps to tackle antisocial behaviour before it happens and helps ensures everybody can fully contribute to the economy. "Younger people are our future and the key to our future success as a country." She said.