Be a Councillor | Make a difference: Stand for election to be a Councillor

  • Want to find out how to be a Councillor?
  • Want better representation on the council?
  • Want to stand in the next local elections?
  • Want to make a difference in your local community?
  • Want a stronger voice for your local area?

If you have come to this site asking those questions then you have come to the right place. If you would like to be a Councillor and stand in the next local elections in North Shropshire for the Liberal Democrats then we are here to help. 

The Liberal Democrats have a strong and proud tradition in local government.

For the Liberal Democrats, local government is key – localism, community politics, and a real commitment to devolved power are all hallmarks of the Liberal Democrat approach. We pride ourselves on working hard “all year round, not just at election time”. Other parties try to say the same but where they fail to deliver Liberal Democrats actually do it.

Below you will find some simple tips and advice on:

  • How to be a Councillor in North Shropshire?
  • How to stand in the next local elections?
  • How to be a strong voice for your local area?
  • and how to make a difference in your local community?

How to be a Councillor

What does being a Councillor involve?

Being a Councillor is mostly about being a community champion and a strong advocate for the people in your area. Other parties think it is about being on committees. Serving on council committees is a very important part of the job. However, Lib Dem Councillors prioritise serving the community over serving the council. As such we feed issue upwards from you and for you. We aren’t there to just report on the inner workings of Shropshire Council. We are there to make sure Shropshire Council works for you and not against you.

What support and training are available?

For more information read the  LGA Liberal Democrats group‘s guide on being a Liberal Democrat Councillor:


And have a look at the LGA’s Be a Councillor website

Ongoing support and training is available from the party locally and nationally. This is supplemented by the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors (ALDC)
All councillors are expected to be members. Candidates are also encouraged to join.

How to stand in the next local elections?

The County Group and the local constituencies have a selection & approval process. This involves a few simple forms and a meeting to makes sure you know what is involved and what is expected and the panel can get a better feeling for who you are, your passions and what your ambitions are if you become a councillor.