3 million taxpayers are still excluded from Government support

In a bid to raise awareness of those excluded, we asked members of the public to share their stories with us.

These individuals have lost their livelihoods overnight as a result of the coronavirus crisis and are entirely excluded from the Government’s financial support measures.

Here’s what they had to say:

There are still millions of UK taxpayers excluded from Government support. Their voices must be heard. @ExcludedUK#ExcludedUK

Back our fight to help those who are excluded 👇https://t.co/tUqoN0VCOQpic.twitter.com/4XfGF85Yfh

— Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) August 21, 2020

It is simply unacceptable that many individuals are ineligible for every kind of support, even Universal Credit, for entirely arbitrary reasons.

With the help of ExcludedUK, and the All Party Political Group (APPG) of 150 MPs representing the 3 million excluded, we are putting pressure on the government to support the 3m.

The Chancellor must stop burying his head in the sand.

He must commit to a meeting with the APPG and Excluded UK as a matter of urgency so we can get the change these people so desperately need.