A genuine, progressive alternative to the two biggest parties

Let’s be clear. As we move into the new decade, away from the roller coaster ride that was the 2010s, the Liberal Democrats need to change, and fast.

Most polls are placing us at 6-8%. On a good day, we might cheer at a 1% increase in our polling.

Our country needs a strong and successful liberal party, at every level of government and in every part of the country, and I have a plan to return us to our winning ways.

People are tired of the status quo. The public are clear that they don’t want to return to how things were. We need to show them that there is a positive and progressive alternative.

We must provide voters with a genuine, progressive alternative to the two largest parties.

Charles Kennedy did this on Iraq. By taking a distinct and principled position, initially unpopular, we ended up winning more seats in a general election than ever before or since.

We must provide voters with a genuine, progressive alternative to the two biggest parties

We need to be the party of fresh ideas and new approaches. Paddy always described us as a party ‘fizzing with ideas’. I want us to reclaim that ground.

We need to be distinctive, so that we cut through in the media.

My role as leader will be to broadcast our message so that people know where we stand, and that our priorities are relevant to them.

We need that change urgently. That’s why, if elected, I’ll have three targets for my first year.

Firstly, I will set out a green, progressive and forward-looking agenda for the party to regain voters’ trust by proving to them we are credible and stick to our principles.

I’m a team player, and I want you involved in our revival

Secondly, we must implement the proposals of the general election review as quickly as possible. As Leader, I will work with and support the CEO and President in implementing the review recommendations. I’m a team player, and I’ll work closely with them and other stakeholders to get it done.

And finally, I am determined to win at every level. We need a plan not just for the next general election, but for all the elections this coming May. We won my seat, and then increased the majority, by building up capacity and by campaigning on issues large and small.

I won over thousands of moderate Tory voters alongside thousands of Labour and Green supporters.

I will listen to campaigners across the country, get out on the doorsteps to support them and help build up the skills of our activists across the UK. I’ve already listened to almost 300 local parties and party bodies across the country as part of my “Layla Listens” tour – I’m a team player, and I want you involved with our revival.

Let’s build a more equal, fair and liberal society. Let’s move forward together.

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