A national humiliation

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

The Prime Minister has spent 18 months putting together a compromise Brexit deal that doesn’t deliver on what the Brexiteers promised and pleases no one.

Theresa May is making a mess out of Brexit and her deal is a national humiliation.

She doesn’t have the support of her backbenchers, or of the DUP. Fifteen government ministers have now resigned over Brexit.

So she is running down the clock, hoping to strong-arm Parliament into accepting her deal as the lesser of two evils compared to a leaving without any deal at all.

But the Liberal Democrats won’t be bullied.

Our convictions are stronger than ever.

There is no deal better for Britain than the one we currently have as a full member of the European Union.

We will not stand idly by while the Conservatives destroy our economy, our NHS, our peace and security.

And Jeremy Corbyn is no better – he has said time and again that he will deliver Brexit and is Theresa May’s helpful ‘opposition’.

For two and a half years, the Liberal Democrats have fought to give the people the final say on the deal and the right to choose to remain in the EU.

And we are winning that argument.

A year ago, less than 20% of the British public wanted a final say. Today most people want to.

The Liberal Democrats demand better than our government and opposition ignoring the wishes of the majority of Britain.

We demand better than our politicians wilfully planning to make our poorer and less secure.

The Liberal Democrats are the party of remain.

And we are winning the fight for a final say.

Next week will be a crucial week for securing a People’s Vote, as Parliament will vote on the final deal.

The Liberal Democrats are voting against the destructive Brexit deal. We walk into the voting lobby alongside all those we have persuaded, including the SNP and backbench MPs from all sides. The result is a foregone conclusion, Theresa May will lose the vote.

But the question is what happens next.

No group has a majority, but the biggest block in Parliament is now the group of people fighting for a final say. If the Labour leadership will get behind this effort, they would swing the numbers.

Thousands of people have already contacted a member of the Labour leadership already to ask them to back a people’s vote.

Will you join them and contact a member of the Labour leadership?

Thank you.