Brexit Deal Briefing

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

“A People’s Vote is now the only way to escape from this mess” – Vince Cable

Any Brexit deal will leave the UK weakened and the public poorer.

“And before the ink is dry, the Conservative Party will tear into what little Theresa May has been able to agree. The Prime Minister now faces a defeat in Parliament, as a majority will be hard or impossible to secure for what she has come up with.”

For two years, the Liberal Democrats are the only party who have consistently fought to give the people the final say on the deal. As we see the chaos that is now unfolding, it is more important than ever to give power over the country’s future back to the people.

“Deal leaves us a rule-taker, not rule-maker?” – Tom Brake

Tom Brake MP asked Theresa May whether the deal takes control away from the UK government, leaving us to take on EU rules without any say in shaping them.

“Theresa May’s botched it” – Layla Moran

Appearing on Victoria Derbyshire, Lib Dem MP Layla Moran tore into the broken Brexit process.

There was another way Theresa May could have done this. The people delivered a hung Parliament. That’s the people saying to Prime Minister, work across party, find something that everyone can get behind.

Instead she went into bed with the hardliners and the DUP, who are now all over Twitter and the telly deserting her.”

It’s a farce. The British people deserve better than this mess, and the Liberal Democrats demand better. Find the clip of Layla Moran speaking here.