Brexit Questions For October

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

Will Corbyn stand up to the Tories and their chaotic Brexit? Can Theresa May provide any clarity about what a real Brexit deal might look like?

No, and no.

Labour’s Conference was riven with divisions over Brexit. Keir Starmer said he wanted to give the people the chance to remain, John McDonnell says this isn’t on the table.

Clear as mud, Labour.

Eventually, the big letdown from Jeremy Corbyn: they would rather have a General Election before giving the people the final say on the Brexit deal.

Unfortunately – in the unlikely scenario that Corbyn secured and won an election – he has not committed to stopping Brexit.

Through all the cross talking and distraction, Labour leadership continues to aid and abet the Tory Brexit.

Meanwhile, the story of the Conservative Party Conference was the bitter infighting between Theresa May and Boris Johnson. The Prime Minister continues to be distracted from the real work of government by childish squabbles in her party.

Her speech offered no new ideas on Brexit, just meaningless bluster. And some very dubious dancing moves.

Her Chequers plan is dead – not mentioned once during her speech. We are no closer now to an actual Brexit plan than we were years ago.

One leader did have a clear message on Brexit at conference: Vince Cable.

There are millions of people out there who haven’t given up the fight on Brexit and nor will we.

Vince Cable did not shy away from the issue: the Liberal Democrats are committed to fighting this disastrous Brexit. Every day we are campaigning to give the people the final say on the Brexit deal, and the option to remain in the EU.

Our message is simple: the Tories have made a mess out of Brexit, and we cannot wait for Jeremy Corbyn to find the courage to oppose them. We must take a stand now.

The Liberal Democrats are fighting Brexit every day. Will you join us?