Brexit update

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

This month has been the most successful yet frustrating one we’ve had for our Brexit campaign.

At the end of May we won a series of victories against the government in the House of Lords.

We defeated the government on the EU Withdrawal Bill a staggering 15 times – thanks to the thousands of supporters who wrote to Peers we identified who would consider supporting us on this.

With the help of donations from supporters like you, we launched our biggest ever campaign outside an election – helping us to reach millions of voters with online adverts, direct mail, and street stalls across the country.

And we are now organising a mass attendance at our march for Europe – and over 900 of you are currently scheduled to be there. If you haven’t already, sign up to join us on the 23rd June.

And this week, the biggest week in Parliament for the Brexit deal since we triggered Article 50, you helped us flood the inboxes, twitter mentions and phone numbers of MPs to get them to sign our amendment to give the people a final say on the Brexit deal – including an option to Remain in the EU.

This week everything came to a head explosively in Parliament.

Theresa May showed that her focus in this EU Withdrawal Bill is entirely short-sighted and focused on keeping her position intact for a few more weeks; and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour MPs squirmed away from key votes, with 90 MPs rebelling – to both vote for and against an amendment that they were whipped to abstain on!

Read all about the sorry state of affairs here:

We are continuing our campaign to secure a final say for the people on the Brexit deal, and a chance to ‘exit from Brexit‘. With the EU Withdrawal Bill returning to the House of Lords next week there’s everything to play for, so help us strengthen our campaign.

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