Domestic Premises (Energy Performance) Bill

I have a bill going through the House of Lords right now, the Domestic Premises (Energy Performance) Bill.

It requires the Government to ensure (with certain reasonable exceptions) that all fuel poor households are properly insulated and heated to achieve Energy Performance Certificate band C by 2030, and all other households by 2035.

These are already Government targets, but my Bill merely puts these targets into law.

This is important, because without these targets in legislation, businesses won’t invest in the work, as 120 companies explained this in a letter to the Energy minister.

In order for the energy industry to assist the government in achieving its ambitions, boardrooms and banks must be persuaded to invest in long-term infrastructure such as manufacturing and equipment together with research and development. This legislation will provide the certainty needed to trigger this vital investment in our sector … We reiterate that we require the certainty of statutory targets to give us the certainty that is needed to trigger the high level of investment necessary to achieve Carbon Budget 5 and net zero.’

The Government is opposing my Bill. They are unwilling to put their own targets into legislation! That is why I need your help.

I need you to ask your MP to

(a) support my Bill and

(b) write to the Minister (Kwasi Kwarteng) urging him to back the Bill or to include the targets in the Government’s expected Energy Bill next year.

Here is a letter you can send to your MP. Please do send any reply you get from your MP to me at

You can find contact details for your MP here:

With your help, we can make sure the government is held to their targets.