Final nomination totals for the Leadership Election

Over the last 2 weeks, members have been nominating candidates to stand as the next leader of the Liberal Democrats.

This is the first time that the system has been run mostly online and also the first time we have published these totals.

We decided to publish the totals as we felt it gave candidates a chance to demonstrate some of the key skills they’ll need as leader.

In total 3,199 members successfully nominated a candidate. The total nominations for each candidate were as follows:

Ed Davey: 1870 members from 343 local parties

Layla Moran: 1329 members from 330 local parties

In order to be nominated, candidates require a nomination from another MP and 200 members from at least 20 local parties (for nominations this includes Young Liberals). Both candidates have therefore passed the threshold and are therefore nominated.

In addition, 76 nominations were invalidated by the Returning Officer’s team, for the following reasons:

Duplicate Nomination: 71

Submitted by a non-member: 5

41 nominations for Ed Davey were invalidated and 35 for Layla Moran.

Over the next few weeks the candidates will go head to head in a number of hustings, details of which can be found here: