How to nominate a candidate for Leader

To stand for leader, candidates have to secure a nomination from an MP, as well as 200 members, from at least 20 local parties.

Any member can nominate a candidate and who you’ve nominated isn’t made public.

If you’d like to nominate a candidate, here’s what to do:

1: Request your nomination code

If you’d like to nominate a candidate, you’ll need your nomination code. This code is unique to you – so please keep it safe.

You have to fill in this online form to request it:

Request your code

You need to know the email the party has on file for you. There are a few ways you can find out about what that is:

  • Check the bottom of every email from HQ, you’ll find the email and your membership number there.
  • check there
  • Contact your local party – who can check on the system for you
  • Email we’ll be happy to confirm for you

2: Read your email

Once you’ve submitted the nomination form, we’ll automatically check the details we have on file for you and if what you’ve provided matches the membership database, you’ll get an email with your nomination code.

The email will come from Greg Foster – Lib Dems, using the email address

In that email, there’ll be a link to a second online form, where you’ll actually be able to nominate a candidate.

If you don’t get an email within an hour of submitting the form, drop an email to or call 0207 022 0988 and we’ll be able to issue your code by email or phone.

We’ll also give you the URL for the nomination form.

3: Submit your nomination

Once you have your nomination code and the link to the nomination form, you simply need to enter your nomination code and pick the candidate you want to nominate.

When you’ve submitted the form, you’ll get an email confirming who you nominated.

You can only nominate one candidate – and the first candidate you nominate will be the one we accept, so please choose carefully!

4: See how your candidate is doing

We’ll be posting how many nominations each candidate has at 5pm each day here: – so you can see how many people have nominated your chosen candidate.