I can’t wait for our turn in the spotlight.

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

Nothing is more frustrating than the BBC giving prominence to Nigel Farage, whilst so often ignoring us.

That’s why – at the start of our leadership contest – I wrote to the BBC demanding they host a TV hustings for the Liberal Democrats.

So I’m delighted to announce they’ve now agreed there will be three televised debates – on the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky, between Jo and myself on Monday 1st July (Sky & Channel 4) and Friday 19th July (BBC) to help you make your mind up!

As the strongest Remain party the Liberal Democrats should have been getting more coverage already. I’m glad we have secured this time for Jo and I to make our case to you and other members across the country – and I’m looking forward to it!

I’ve got a track record as a media performer – from Question Time to Politics Live to Any Questions to the Today Program. But I know it’s not enough to just get onto the media. I have a record that to be proud of, and a plan to offer the country.

  • I have the experience of battling in Cabinet and negotiating at the EU and UN.
  • I have the determination and grit to stand up to the Johnsons, Corbyns and Farages.
  • And I have the vision – on Europe, on the Economy and on the Environment.

My track record, first as a Business Minister and then the Cabinet Minister for Energy and Climate Change, shows I know how to get things done in Government – from making Britain the world leader on offshore wind to leading EU-wide negotiations to secure ambitious climate change targets. It has also means I know how we can turn our economy Green and tackle the Climate Emergency – securing our future.

But for us to stop Brexit and then get into Government, the Liberal Democrats need to run the campaign of our lives. I’m a proven campaigner who can lead it.

Back my campaign at Edforleader.org – and tune into the TV hustings to hear more about my vision as Leader.

Best wishes


Ed Davey MP

Liberal Democrat Leadership Candidate and MP for Kingston and Surbiton