January Brexit Action Days

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

Across the UK, we are asking teams to head out onto the doorsteps and campaign for a final say on the weekend of 12/13th January, just a few days before Parliament votes on Theresa May’s disastrous deal.

It is clear Brexit is a national embarrassment and the Conservatives are making an absolute mess of it.

And as much of the polling shows, more and more people agree with us – in December alone 30,000 people joined our campaign for an Exit from Brexit.

But with so few days left before the vote, we need urgently to ramp up our campaign and that’s why we need you to head out on the doorstep.

When planning your action day, don’t forget our planning pack, packed with top tips and ideas for making your next Action Day a success. You can get it right here – libdems.org.uk/brexit-campaign-pack.

The key things to work out at this stage are:

  • What you want to achieve on the day – recruitment more campaign supporters, collecting more email addresses or more Voter ID.
  • A place to meet or a venue to be based from
  • Timings – what time will you start, what times will each session of door knocking start, what time will lunch take place?
  • Who will do what – think about who will be ready to greet people, who can lead out your canvass teams and if you need someone to greet stragglers or make some cups of tea.
  • Whether you need order leaflets for the day – all are available here: www.libdems.org.uk/brexit-leaflets. Order by 1pm Monday 7 January to receive your leaflets Friday 11 January.
  • Add your event to our website https://www.libdems.org.uk/brexit-action so we can also help promote your day.

I’d also make sure there is a social element to the day too. It’s vital we make sure not only the day is fun, but that we have an opportunity to say thank you for everyone’s help. Make sure the venue and activities are accessible to everyone.

The best thing about an action day is the impact on morale on the local party – it’s great to get everyone out campaigning as a team on a shared vision – and help us secure an Exit from Brexit.