Join the nature of public debate working group!

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

We are currently seeking applicants for a new policy working group on the Nature of Public Debate.

The Federal Policy Committee is setting up a new working group to develop new Liberal Democrat Policy on the Nature of Public Debate.

The working group will look into the developing challenges to high-quality public debate, including:

  • The role of facts and truth in public debate, and how promoting their central importance can be balanced with freedom of speech.
  • How “balance” should be understood in public service broadcasting.
  • The manipulation of news and information as a tool of state warfare.
  • Tackling extremely hostile online behaviour
  • The role and regulation of social media companies
  • The viability and future of traditional journalism (local and national)

As a member of the working group you will contribute to regular meetings (usually 10-12 meetings over the course of a year) and online discussions among the group, take evidence from experts, and help produce the final policy paper.

The role is voluntary. Unfortunately we cannot cover expenses for attending meetings, but you can join meetings by video.

The working group is likely to start meeting in March, will produce a consultation paper for Autumn Conference 2019 and produce a policy paper for Spring Conference 2020.

The deadline for applications is 1pm Tuesday 29 January.

Please apply using the link below.