Just imagine for a second

One of the biggest lessons of our election review is that people don’t know what the Liberal Democrats stand for. For too long, we’ve not had a platform that appeals to the average voter on the issues that they care about.

That’s why I’ve been laser-focused this campaign on talking about my vision for a fairer, greener and more caring society.

Just imagine for a second what that would look like.

A fairer country where we tackle social injustice. Where we give parents universal childcare to help them with one of the biggest financial challenges they face and everybody a universal basic income.

A greener country, where we invest £150bn into green jobs for our young people, green homes and a green energy network. As a trained economist and someone with a track record of delivering green jobs when I was in Government, I know I’ve got the experience to make sure that we make the recovery from Covid a green recovery.

A more caring country, where we give the 10 million carers in our country a new deal, with a high carers allowance and more legal protection. I was a young carer for my mum, so this one is personal. I know how tough it is for so many carers and they deserve so much better than what they get right now.

If I’m lucky enough to be elected your next leader, then I’ll make sure that I work with every part of our party to reform, renew and rebuild so that when we get to elections in the future, people know that voting Liberal Democrat will get them that fairer, greener, more caring country.

That is a huge task, and I know there are no quick fixes to rebuilding our party, but I’m determined to make sure that we fix the problems the election review identified and get back to winning elections right across the country.

But I can only do that if you return your ballot paper and vote for me today. I’ve been humbled by the number of people who have voted for me so far. The majority of our MPs, former MEPs and our Council Leaders are backing me, as well as my political hero Shirley Williams and the author of our election review Dorothy Thornhill.

I need you to join them today, return your ballot paper and vote for me to be the next leader of the Liberal Democrats. Then we can make sure that we can rebuild our party on solid foundations, and then fight for a fairer, greener and more caring society.