Lib Dems secure final say amendment on Brexit bill

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

Liberal Democrat Peers have been leading the fight against the Conservatives in the House of Lords and have inflicted a whopping 15 Government defeats on the EU Withdrawal Bill. This bill is key to reversing Brexit and is expected to return to the House of Commons in late June.

The Liberal Democrats will now spearhead the resistance against Brexit in the Commons.

Lib Dem Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake has secured an amendment that could give us an Exit from Brexit. The final say amendment will require MPs to vote on whether they believe the public should be given the final say on the Brexit deal, including the opportunity to remain in the E.U.

Jeremy Corbyn is hoping that no one has noticed that he is helping Theresa May deliver her disastrous Brexit, but the final say amendment puts the spotlight squarely on Corbyn and Labour leadership. Is he going to join the Lib Dems in putting an end to this botched Brexit? Or will he stare at his shoes while Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove bungle our nation’s future?

Labour need to get behind the Lib Dems on this vote and stand up to the Tories. If they do, we have a real chance to give the British people a final say on Brexit, and the chance to stay in the European Union.

This is a huge moment. We need you to join our cause, lobby Labour to get behind the Lib Dem amendment, and reverse this chaotic hard Brexit.