Local parties getting important extra data

Hundreds of thousands of extra email addresses are being made available via the Lighthouse system. These are from people who have backed at least one of the party’s national campaigns. The email addresses come with the necessary permissions to use them.

Previously, such email addresses were not shared with local parties. But this is changing as part of improvements to our use of data, helping grassroots campaigners.

These email addresses are for a valuable set of people for local parties to be regularly in touch with. Many have already got involved when local parties have been in touch with them on the doorsteps, pre-coronavirus. Involving them and so building a bigger local team has been a crucial part of the story behind some of our spectacular local election successes.

Of course, the standard advice still applies. Direct human-to-human contact is the best way to get people involved. But email is a valuable addition, especially given current lockdowns.

Many thanks to the Membership and Connect teams for making this all happen. It is the latest step in a huge program of work to improve our use of data. With our new Chief Technology Officer starting shortly, look out for more improvements to come.

For more information, there is a thread in the Lighthouse Users support group on Facebook. As well as a Q+A thread, a webinar, email best practice guide and templates are available. Or contact membership@libdems.org.uk.