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As we move through the coronavirus pandemic, reflecting on the last three months has exposed deep roots of inequality and unfairness in our society. I believe we must seize this opportunity to provide real change and a fresh start. Now must be the time we ensure no one is left behind, whether thatโ€™s protecting workers who have lost jobs, families who have lost loved ones, or students who have lost valuable education.

Now must be the time we ensure no one is left behind

Before I was an MP, I was a teacher. Being a teacher taught me the value of learning, development and the inclusion of others, among being compassionate, empathetic and a genuine listener – qualities I feel are essential for a strong leader.

Education and teaching have always been at the heart of everything I do – it has driven my record in Parliament: I have consistently stood up for disadvantaged students calling for a larger rollout of learning devices, I have stood up for the safety of teachers in ensuring safe return to schools, and recently I have worked alongside other parties in calling on the government to include black histories in our history syllabus.

Gavin Williamson’s plan clearly leaves thousands of children behind without access to devices to learn. It’s simple maths. There’s a huge gap between the number of devices needed and the number being delivered. We can’t let the disadvantage gap become a gulf.

โ€” Layla Moran ๐Ÿ”ถ๐ŸŸก (@LaylaMoran) June 9, 2020

Layla in the Guardian

Not only has it been important in my Parliamentary career, but it is also a key pillar of my leadership campaign.

Education and teaching have always been at the heart of everything I do

As Leader of the Liberal Democrats, I want to see investment in early years education to help reduce inequality at a young age, equal access to a world-class education system designed by teachers, and the development of a National Adult Retraining programme to upskill and invest in education across all ages.

It is vital we invest in education to see real change in our society as we move into the new world post-coronavirus. With this investment, plus a fairer economy and a green recovery, I believe we can start to Move Forward Together.

My vision.

I’m listening to members and voters, and I want to work with them to build a vision for the future of our party and country. My campaign is about how we can Move Forward Together.

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