Need something to read? Lib Dem Image has you covered

I’m sure many of us have said that we’re going to use lockdown as an opportunity to catch up on some reading. Well, we’ve got the perfect thing!

A good book or two provides a wonderful escape from these uncertain times

Lib Dem Image, the official supplier of Liberal Democrats merchandise, is still open for business. As well as t-shirts, buttons and banners, we’ve got a generous array of books from and about various Liberal personalities – so why not take the chance to learn a little more about them and our party?

We also have oodles of content related to the party’s best practice. This includes hard copies of the 2020 Boost Guide, starting at just £12. It’s stuffed with tips and tricks to help your local party reach its fullest potential – a great place to start!

Boost Guide

We’ve got a wide range of books by various party figures, too:

  • Bad News: What The Headlines Don’t Tell Us, by Party President Mark Pack, a must-have guide to deciding fact from fiction in the modern media.
  • Equal Ever After, Lynne Featherstone’s account of her successful fight for equal marriage in the coalition government
  • Open Arms, by Vince Cable – which features some, ahem, discreetly racy scenes and was nominated for an award.
  • Equal Power by Jo Swinson, your guide to making society more equal
  • British Liberal Leaders, a history of Liberal leaders from Gladstone to present

All of our goods are sent by Royal Mail or Parcel Force, who are still operational and will deliver them in line with social distancing guidelines.

A good book or two provides a wonderful escape from these uncertain times. We can make the most of the additional downtime – whether that’s by emerging as better read activists or by sending some cosy Lib Dem house socks to your isolated local members!

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