No surprise the Brexit Secretary is hot and flustered

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

In a speech yesterday the Brexit Secretary set out the no-deal Brexit papers.

No one will be surprised that the Brexit Secretary was hot and flustered. What he set out means a disaster for British families and British jobs.

We also have yet further confirmation that there is no prospect that a plan will be delivered in the next six months, not least on the Northern Ireland border and post-Brexit customs arrangements.

No one should kid themselves that there is a good deal.

Over a million UK citizens living across the EU had no say in 2016. They now face the prospect of losing access to their pensions and bank accounts as a result of Theresa May’s disastrous negotiations.

Given the nightmare consequences Brexit will have for their lives, they deserve an opportunity to stop this mess. They, like all British citizens, deserve a final say on the deal with an opportunity to remain in the EU.