Our next Leader

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

Here’s the most important question in this leadership election; If Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn go head to head as the leaders of the Tories and Labour, both supporting Brexit, who should we choose who will stand out as the real alternative?

For me, that leader is Jo Swinson.

Let me tell you why.

As our party’s Brexit spokesperson, I’ve seen the reports; medicine shortages, small businesses crushed, our security at risk.

Stopping Brexit is our overwhelming priority. To do that, we need to build the broadest possible movement, working with those who will fight alongside us to keep Britain in the EU.

Many people talk the talk on co-operation, I’ve seen Jo do it.

And Jo has the media cut through we need to deliver our message to the millions of people who share our values, but have never voted for us. She connects with new generations of voters, thousands of whom have joined our party. And Jo is part of a new generation of politicians, who are prepared to reach across tribal boundaries to build a new liberal movement.

I’ve known Jo for a long time. As a Minister, as our Deputy Leader and as a friend. I trust her wholeheartedly to do everything it takes to save our country and stop Brexit.

I’m voting for Jo to be our next party Leader. I urge you to join Jo too.

If you are supporting Jo, please consider helping her campaign by making a donation today: www.joinjo.org.uk/donate.


Tom Brake MP

Stop Brexit Spokesperson

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