Our plan to stop Brexit immediately after election

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

“We are the only party standing up for Remainers.”

Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Boris and stop Brexit.

The more Liberal Democrat MPs we have in Parliament, the stronger our hand will be in stopping Johnson’s catastrophic Brexit plans. We have legislation ready to go to secure a People’s Vote with the option to stay in the EU.

As soon as Parliament returns, we would introduce two bills. The first would be a “Paving Bill” to begin the referendum process with the Electoral Commission. The second would be on the referendum itself.

The greatest political decision in decades cannot be allowed to happen on Johnson’s terms. Polls consistently show that there is now more support to remain in the EU than to leave.

“We will continue to fight tooth and nail to keep the UK in the EU.”

Our vision for a fairer, brighter future is as a part of the EU. More people are agreeing with us than ever before.

But we need as many MPs as possible to support these bills. The more Lib Dems there are, the stronger the chance of securing a People’s Vote becomes.

We are the only party standing up for Remainers.

We have laid amendments to secure a People’s Vote 17 times. We have voted in favour of a People’s Vote at every opportunity. We have been leading the fight to stop Brexit for over three years.

And we will continue to fight tooth and nail to keep the UK in the EU. With enough MPs, we can pass this legislation and put Brexit back to the people.

For the future of our country – vote Liberal Democrat to stop Brexit and build a brighter future.