PolicyLab users vote for their top 50 policy ideas

As Liberal Democrats, we’ve always looked to the future with hope to build a better world. When looking past the direct impact of the Coronavirus crisis, we should welcome the unprecedented opportunity to change society radically for the future.

That’s exactly what PolicyLab users have done since the launch of our new member engagement forum.

From environmental issues to international affairs, PolicyLab users have been collaborating on a vision Lib Dem vision for a post-Coronavirus world. There have been an incredible 1,074 ideas shared by our members and registered supporters, with thousands of conversations taking place.

Together, 11,000+ votes were cast across the platform and using this, we curated the top 50 ideas that they wanted to see discussed and debated further.


With the winning ideas now live on the site, these include:

Abolishing the Right to Buy

“To allow one generation to benefit from the Right to Buy and then benefit a second time by being able to buy the property at a large discount, has deprived the next generation of their right to rent an affordable property.”

Decentralising the UK

“I would build a new House of Commons (round with electronic voting!) somewhere as central as possible… The headquarters of each government department would then be moved to national and regional capitals – ideally in a newly federalised UK!”

Introducing a carbon tax

“From the point of view of economic theory making sure “externalities” are properly priced is a a way of ensuring that markets are genuinely efficient. In some cases a tax is the best way to do this.”

Transforming sick pay

“Many sick employees will continue coming into work [due to inefficiencies of Statutory Sick Pay]. This has serious consequences. For example, if the employee has an infectious disease, they are much more likely to pass it on to colleagues. The current pandemic highlights how serious this problem can be.”

Forming associate EU membership for individuals

“The Liberal Democrats should promote this policy as a method for reconciling leaving the EU with the desire of many to remain EU citizens.”

If you want to take part in PolicyLab and get involved in the latest conversations taking place, all you need to do is go to PolicyLab.org.uk and register. You’ll need your membership number to hand to sign up, and you can find this in the members’ area or in the footer of any emails you receive from the party.

However, PolicyLab is closing on August 26th, so if you do want to share your policy thoughts with your fellow members, make sure to have your say soon!