President’s Update

Thank you

Over 20,000 party members have given feedback to our independent elections review. Thank you to everyone who has done so. Thank you also to the review team members for not only working through so much feedback but also, despite coronavirus, keeping on track for finishing their report for May.

Will you join our coronavirus phone calling drive?

When I stood for election as party president last year, I spoke a lot about the importance of our grassroots efforts. With coronavirus, what counts as appropriate activity is very different from normal times. But there is still a lot we can do to make the most of our skills, resources and data to help communities, including making calls to vulnerable residents.

Sign up here to make phone calls to help ensure people know where to get the best coronavirus information and support.

Leadership election timings

As previously reported, the Board is carefully listening to the views of party members about when the leadership election should be held. You can let me have your views directly on or book a video call with me at

Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine

Last year, the Federal Board suspended Liberal Democrats Friends of Palestine (LDFP) following allegations about activities in their name. They were then reinstated after making several changes to their way of operating, including bringing in a new social media policy.

The Board is glad to report that the party’s processes have now been concluded, following both the required report to party conference last year and the conclusion of appeals to the Federal Appeals Panel, which upheld the Board’s actions.

The panel’s final ruling asked the Board to confirm the reasons for its actions, which it is happy to do. The Board acted, to quote the report conference, “due to the gravity of the allegations, the repeat nature of them and concerns with the initial response of LDFP to the allegations”. The Board did not come to any view on whether or not specific individual comments were anti-semitic or defamatory.

The Board is happy to confirm that there is no further action pending and looks forward to working productively with Liberal Democrats Friends of Palestine and all other party bodies in future.