Reforming SAOs and AOs

Our Party is going through a period of change. The General Election Review was one of the reviews commissioned by the Party, to look at how we organise ourselves for elections and how we can do things better.

The Party has also asked for a review of Party organisations – known as AOs, Associated Organisations and SAOs, Specified Associated Organisations. These are organisations in the Party that cover everything, from Green Liberal Democrats to Liberal Democrat Women and everything in between. If you are a member of one of the Party’s organisations, then this survey is for you. We want your views both on the support the Party gives to your organisation and what changes can and should be made.

We really want to know what you think. It is important to say that if you complete the survey, your response will be treated anonymously.

So, if you are a member of one of the organisations below, then please do the survey and help create a better way of doing things.’