Tell us what you think about our online tools

Our capacity for traditional campaigning is perhaps a little lower right now. We’re taking the opportunity to review the tools that we use to get this done, and we want your input!

Liberal Democrats use a wide variety of tools to campaign. From voter ID to data storage to communicating with the public, we have a number of software tools designed to help you win. We’re constantly reviewing how well these are working – which is why it’s important you let us know what works well for you and what doesn’t!

This survey will be primarily focused on the following:

  • Connect
  • Prater Raines (website building tools)
  • Nationbuilder
  • MailChimp

Don’t use any of these on a regular basis? That’s okay – we’re also looking for input as to what members consider a reasonable amount of money to pay for these tools.

Online tools play a big role in how our party operates – especially while other forms of campaigning are less feasible. We want to be sure that the services we’re offering help you succeed.

It won’t take long – just click below to fill out the survey and tell us what you think!

Tell us what you think