The Creation of a Federal United Kingom

Our union is under threat.

Nationalism is a dangerous force, fuelled by a sense of alienation and powerlessness. Brexit has forced divides between our four nations.

Coronavirus and Brexit, two of the biggest issues facing the UK, have demonstrated the inadequacies of our current constitutional arrangements. With growing support for reform across our nations and regions, it’s time to act. It’s time we created a truly federal UK.

Federalism, and making decisions at the local level for local people, is at the heart of what we as liberals believe in. It is in the DNA of our Party. Today, Liberal Democrat Conference reaffirmed its commitment to a federal UK and broader political reforms, calling for:

  • The transfer of additional powers to the Sennedd Cymru (Welsh Parliament) to bring it broadly in line with the Scottish Parliament
  • Equitable distribution of resources between different parts of the UK depending on need
  • The creation of a Declaration of Rights as a foundation document of a Federal United Kingdom
  • Election of the House of Commons by Single Transferable Vote and replacement of the House of Lords with an upper house with a proper democratic mandate

View the full motion here:

The Creation of a Federal United Kingdom

Liberal Democrats in Westminster, Scotland, Wales, and in regional and local legislatures across the UK, will work to protect and enhance our Union. We will create a fairer, more representative system that works for everyone.

And in the face of divisive, nationalist politics, the Liberal Democrats will always fight for what is right.