The Liberal Democrats are here for you.

This is an incredibly difficult time for people. Right across our country, coronavirus has caused enormous upheaval and uncertainty.

Too many have lost loved ones. Too many have lost their livelihoods.

In many ways this crisis has amplified pressures in our communities that have for too long been ignored. That must change.

But we have endured three deeply disappointing general elections, in five tough years. At the national level at least, too many people think we’re out of touch with what they want.

We can’t fix this with a catchy new slogan. Or by fighting the same battles, in the same way. The answer is to listen to what people are really telling us. And to change.

That’s why our new leader Ed Davey has been touring the country, meeting people and listening to their problems and fears, hopes and dreams.

We want to help people get on, and build a fairer, greener, more caring future.

That’s who we are. That is what we will be. And that is the future we will build.

If those are your values too,why not join us today?