Upskirting to be made a sexual offense

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

Over a year ago, I started work on making ‘upskirting’, the practice of photographs up a person’s skirt without their consent, a specific criminal offence.

I’m absolutely delighted that this bill has just been passed by MPs in the House of Commons.

This bill will protect everyone who chooses to wear a skirt in a public place and give them an option of recourse.

For those who do not know, this bill started as my Private Members’ Bill, but despite widespread support, it was single-handedly blocked by Tory MP Christopher Chope in June this year.

This led to a national outcry against this injustice and the government decided to adopt my bill and make ‘upskirting’ – taking photographs up the skirt of a person without their consent – a specific crime.

Now the bill will go to the House of Lords to be debated and then hopefully will pass, receive Royal Assent and become the law.


Thank you to everyone that been part of raising awareness of this issue and lobbying their MP. Achievements like this are why I am proud to be an MP.