We must oppose Beijing’s power grab.

We cannot allow coronavirus to blind us to the injustice that is unfolding on Hong Kong.

Beijing’s new national security law is a naked power-grab. It bypasses Hong Kong local law-making processes and demonstrates a complete lack of respect for the Joint Declaration. Clearly China no longer cares for the ‘one country, two systems’ agreement made between the UK and China during the Handover.

We cannot sit back and watch this violation of rights and freedoms. The international community should be standing up for the people of Hong Kong. Above all, the UK has a moral and legal duty to act.

Liberal Democrats are clear on this issue: we stand with the people of Hong Kong. As part of our campaign, I am laying a bill to re-open the offer of British National Overseas (BNO) passports for Hong Kong citizens and extend the scheme to provide the “right of abode”. This would allow a person from Hong Kong to live or work indefinitely in the UK.

But we must get the message out further.

We are going to put pressure on the UK Foreign Secretary to fulfil the UK’s moral and legal obligation to the people of Hong Kong through my Bill. Will you help build our campaign by sharing it on social media?

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