Working across party to stop No Deal Brexit

Vince Cable and Liberal Democrats on Europe March 2017

The Liberal Democrats stand ready to do everything we can to prevent not only a No Deal Brexit.

We are leaving no option off the table when it comes to preventing the UK crashing out of the E.U.

As I outlined in my letter to Jeremy Corbyn below, my door is open to any Parliamentarians who wish to work together to prevent a disastrous No Deal. Equally, we are eager to work with any Parliamentarians who seek to stop Brexit itself, because there is no version of Brexit that will leave our country better off.

Party politics can’t stand in the way of a solution that works to prevent a national crisis. We will do everything we can to prevent a No Deal Brexit and stop Brexit altogether – my letter to Jeremy Corbyn in advance of the meeting tomorrow.

— Jo Swinson (@joswinson) August 26, 2019

With Boris Johnson determined to plough headlong into this national crisis, we now need to work across party to take control of the order paper to prevent No Deal.

The success of an emergency government to stop No Deal must be the absolute priority.

If we cannot secure a legislative approach to block No Deal through such means, we must maximise the chance of a successful No Confidence vote in the government. We called for such a motion to be called before Summer recess, so we could hold an election before 31 October, and we would back a No Confidence vote again.

If successful, our challenge is to form a viable emergency government with the goal of preventing No Deal. The success of this emergency government must be the absolute priority. We must put party politics aside.

Key Conservative MPs we would need to form a majority have said they will not support an emergency government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

That is why I have proposed the Father and Mother of the House, Ken Clarke and Harriet Harman, as potential candidates to build consensus, and lead this emergency government for the purpose of stopping the No Deal crisis. Both have expressed willingness to do so.

I look forward to all cross-party efforts to avert this disaster, but given the public declarations by MPs we need to support an emergency government, we must focus on plans that have the best chance of success.