Meet Nick Saxby, candidate for Shropshire Council, in Whitchurch North.

Nick has lived in Whitchurch for several years. He started his family in Whitchurch, and his two children attend the local primary school.

I’ve never felt so rooted to a place or a community as I have in Whitchurch

Nick believes in transparent and engaged local government.

“Local democracy works when decisions are made as close to the communities they affect as possible. Decision-makers need to be engaged with people, responding to their needs and listening”.

He wants to see a Shropshire Council that works for Whitchurch.

Nick is passionate about protecting and promoting the environment.

The environmental crises we face need urgent action, but that action brings opportunity”.

He is committed to working towards a future for a sustainable future for Shropshire, where we can be healthy, happy and prosperous.


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Nick moved to Shropshire from South Africa where he worked as a ranger and field guide and managed a safari lodge. When he came to the UK, he worked as a teacher at North Shropshire College.

Nick and his wife started a confectionery business in recent years, and he has been a feature of local markets and fairs.
He currently volunteers for several local projects, including promoting renewable energy, community benefit and enhancing the environment.

Nick wants to help build a vision for Whitchurch’s future.

For a long time, there hasn’t been a vision for Whitchurch’s place as a regionally significant town. I want us to be ambitious about how successful we can be, and talk about how everyone here can benefit”.

He sees the great potential of this town and its people, and wants to make sure that opportunities are seized to make Whitchurch thrive.

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