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Oswestry Liberal Democrats is a branch of North Shropshire Liberal Democrats. It constitutes the largest branch in North Shropshire in terms of membership and covers a large part of the old Oswestry Borough Council area.

Shropshire Liberal Democrats joining in march against school budget cuts
Clive Geary condemning DVSA unfairness for learner drivers
North Shropshire Driving Instructor and Lib Dem campaigner, Clive Geary today condemned the Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency’s treatment of learner drivers during the pandemic. Learner drivers are mainly young people. Mr Geary said: “I cannot express enough how disappointed I am with the way young people are being penalised through no fault of their own by the DVSA’s policy at this moment in time. “The Driving & Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) appear to be profiteering from the crisis. There are no driving tests and it would appear this will be for at least 3 months. But they will not extend anyone's theory test certificate. “The DVSA profess to make it cheaper to learn to drive as substantiated by a reduction in the cost of the theory test in the not too distant past.” Clive Geary is a driving instructor based in Weston Rhyn, North Shropshire. He is concerned that the DVSA’s inconsistent approach is unfair. Due to the Coronavirus, the DVSA has extended the validity of MOT certificates by 6 months. An MOT test is a safety check on a vehicle’s roadworthiness. Mr Geary ponders: “Should a vehicle suffer a brake failure and injuries result who might be at
David Walker in West Felton
I issued a Press Release ahead of the Public Accounts Committee inquiry into local councils buying commercial property that starts on Monday. The Shropshire Star has used some of it here: https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/business/2020/05/08/council-questioned-over-shopping-centres/ My Press Release in Full: Public Accounts Committee inquiry into council commercial spending 07 May 2020Embargo: none Commenting on the news that The… Read More »Public Accounts Committee Press Release The post Public Accounts Committee Press Release appeared first on Cllr David Walker: West Felton Parish Councillor, Whittington Lib Dem Campaigner.
David Walker in West Felton
It is welcome news that a parliamentary watchdog is to examine Shropshire Council’s £52m shopping centre purchase. This is part of a wider look at local council involvement in purchasing commercial property. The Public Accounts Committee will look at these purchases in May. The purchase of these shopping centres represents a huge risk to Shropshire… Read More »£52m shopping centre purchase inquiry The post £52m shopping centre purchase inquiry appeared first on Cllr David Walker: West Felton Parish Councillor, Whittington Lib Dem Campaigner.
David Walker in West Felton
15 years ago I was campaigning to get Broadband into Bridgnorth. I was concerned then about slow speeds were putting us at an economic disadvantage compared to other areas locally and globally. Fast forward 15 years and we still find Shropshire in the Broadband slow lane! This is despite all of the bluster from Shropshire… Read More »Shropshire in the Broadband slow lane The post Shropshire in the Broadband slow lane appeared first on Cllr David Walker: West Felton Parish Councillor, Whittington Lib Dem Campaigner.
Clive Geary, a Driving Instructor from Weston Rhyn, says:
Today, Wednesday 7th August 2019 there has been yet another collision on the A483 Llynclys Crossroads. Seven people hurt, a boy and a girl having to be airlifted to hospital. The junction closed for several hours... again. Llynclys Crossroads is a known accident black spot and has been an ongoing problem for years. Yet nothing is happening to fix the clear and present danger at this busy junction. Contrast and compare this to the Maesbury Road junction. On Wednesday, October 17th, 2018, the Advertizer published an article by Gerraint Jones featuring local driving instructor, Clive Geary, about the confusing layout of the junction and traffic lights at the Maesbury Road/Oswestry industrial estate on the A483. It would have been far better to have built a new roundabout and saved on the confusing configuration of the traffic lights. There have been several collisions at this junction as drivers become confused with which traffic light is for their destination. So why did the council/Highway authority find it necessary to spend a large amount of tax payers money on the Maesbury Road junction with traffic lights when a roundabout would have been far better,safer, more cost effective, along with easier access for HGV’s
Dear Mr Paterson, Possibly Leaving the European Union & Oswestry I understand from the media you are visiting the United States and trying to promote the UK leaving the European Union. Why are you not in the United Kingdom representing your constituents in North Shropshire? The Government has both a Foreign Secretary and yet another Brexit Secretary, both employed to represent us on matters outside of the United Kingdom. Meanwhile locally: The National Health Service in both Shrewsbury and Telford are in crisis. In Oswestry the local NHS dentist has only one dentist left. Many of the local roads in North Shropshire are falling to bits. Several street lamps do not work throughout the area. There are an increasing number of people living/sleeping rough in the town of Oswestry. Local Bus services being cut back. You were elected to represent the people of your area in North Shropshire and not your own personal interests, why are you not here in the United Kingdom? You should be in the area explaining to local people of your constancy the massive changes and impact that leaving the European Union will have on their lives. Who is paying for your trip to the United
David Walker & Clive Geary at Mile End
Whilst the news that Highways England will try to fix Mile End roundabout... again... is welcome, they really should have gotten the design right the first time. Constant tinkering with Mile End Roundabout at vast expense hasn't addressed its underlying problems. These are the same fundamental problems at Bayston Hill roundabout, Meole Brace. Namely, too small a radius to allow sufficient room for the services entrance, leading to too few gaps or gaps that are too small for emerging traffic, increasing driver impatience and increased accident risk. At Bayston Hill that was partly fixed by lights, but only partly. Ironically it often works better when the lights breakdown! Removing the island altogether would be a better option there. Poor design often fudged to save cost, only ends up costing a lot more money in the long run. At Mile End, the problems are only growing not diminishing.  The widening of the island and the addition of the entrance to the Innovation Park cost £4m. Why wasn't it done right the then? It was obvious back in 2009 what size of the business park was envisaged and so they must have known what traffic flows from the park were likely to
Clive Geary, a Driving Instructor from Weston Rhyn, says:
My name is Clive Geary. I am a Driving Instructor from Weston Rhyn. I believe the new Maesbury Road junction is dangerous and needs urgent action to remedy the problem. There have already been accidents, including an accident on the day the junction opened, after months of safety work. It simply isn't good enough to hope people get used to the junction. Problems can and should have been designed out of the junction. Locals may get used to it but what about the 1,000s of vehicles that aren't local. We should all demand better from Highways England. Maesbury Road junction is dangerous- the lines are confusing drivers The dividing line for the lanes has been extended out onto the A483. https://www.facebook.com/NShropshireLibDems/videos/1849964361815673/ On several occasions now, I have witnessed vehicles passing the red traffic light, going beyond the stop line and actually stopping out on the A483, in the path of oncoming traffic from the Mile End direction. Drivers are seeing the traffic light on the far side of the A483, which repeats the traffic light that they should have stopped at. The line dividing the lanes has been extended out onto the A483 making is less clear where you need to stop. Removing