Meet Robert Jones, candidate for Shropshire Council, in Ruyton and Baschurch.

Robert has spent almost his entire life in and around the local area. He grew up in Baschurch and still lives in the village today with his wife and three children.

“We love being part of such a vibrant and friendly community. I’m proud of my roots here and I’m proud that my children are growing up here too, going to the same schools I did and enjoying the local countryside.”

Robert believes in transparent and engaged local government.

“I feel particularly strongly about devolving power, empowering local communities and getting their voice heard.”

He wants to see a Shropshire Council that works for Ruyton-XI-Towns & Baschurch.

“I want to stand up for, and represent my local community, to help hold the Tory council to account, and to work towards improving the lives of residents and communities across Shropshire.”

Robert is passionate about protecting and promoting the environment.

The environmental crises we face need urgent action, but that action brings opportunity.

He is committed to working towards a sustainable future for Shropshire, where we can be healthy, happy and prosperous.


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Robert works in agriculture for a local farmer but is also studying part-time with the University of Sussex. In the past he has also worked as an English language teacher in South America.

Robert wants to help build a vision for Ruyton & Baschurch's future.

Baschurch has grown considerably over the years and I’ve seen a lot of growth and change. Sadly, it has not been balanced with improvement of local infrastructure or services. I am passionate about communities and local empowerment, and I want to see people take charge of their community and its future so that the changes and growth which may come can benefit the whole community.”

He sees the great unfulfilled potential of the area and its people and wants to make sure that opportunities are seized to make Ruyton & Baschurch thrive.

“I’m standing for election because I’ve seen how government, the council and developers treat our villages, with little regard for the needs and wishes of residents. I want to stand up for our communities, to give ordinary people a voice, and make positive changes happen that can improve lives and create opportunities for everyone.”

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