DVSA unfairly penalising learner drivers

Clive Geary condemning DVSA unfairness for learner drivers

The DVSA is unfairly penalising learner drivers - Clive GearyNorth Shropshire Driving Instructor and Lib Dem campaigner, Clive Geary today condemned the Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency’s treatment of learner drivers during the pandemic. Learner drivers are mainly young people.

Mr Geary said: “I cannot express enough how disappointed I am with the way young people are being penalised through no fault of their own by the DVSA’s policy at this moment in time.

“The Driving & Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) appear to be profiteering from the crisis. There are no driving tests and it would appear this will be for at least 3 months. But they will not extend anyone’s theory test certificate.

“The DVSA profess to make it cheaper to learn to drive as substantiated by a reduction in the cost of the theory test in the not too distant past.”

Clive Geary is a driving instructor based in Weston Rhyn, North Shropshire. He is concerned that the DVSA’s inconsistent approach is unfair.

Due to the Coronavirus, the DVSA has extended the validity of MOT certificates by 6 months. An MOT test is a safety check on a vehicle’s roadworthiness. Mr Geary ponders: “Should a vehicle suffer a brake failure and injuries result who might be at fault? This is generous, if risky. With regards to learning to drive, the DVSA has chosen to be less generous.”

Learner drivers who have passed their theory test are given a certificate which is valid for 2 years. Learner drivers have 2 years in which to book and pass a practical driving test.

All theory tests are currently suspended until the 31st May 2020. All practical driving tests are suspended until at least 20th June 2020, unless you are a critical worker.

Clive explained: “Assuming matters get back to a near-normal, you will not be able to book a practical driving test until at least October/November 2020, although you have paid for and passed a theory test you have not actually got a certificate that is valid for 2 years.

“It seems to me that the DVSA are profiteering from the ongoing crisis as they will not extend the validity of theory test pass certificates.”

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