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What are the Lib Dems doing for Young People in Shropshire?

Lib Dems are fighting to protect your right to a good education.

Despite more students enrolling than ever before, Shropshire schools will lose nearly £15 million  in funding by 2019. Young people are losing many of the opportunities that a good education can bring.

We see education as an investment – not as an expense. We would reverse these cuts, and make sure to protect and increase per pupil funding.

Lib Dems are fighting for affordable transport across Shropshire.

Shropshire is a large county with a large amount of young people living in rural areas. Public transport is quickly becoming unaffordable for young people, with many students across the county spending hundreds of pounds a year just to get to school.

We would subsidise two-thirds of the cost of bus passes and public transport for under 21s, ensuring affordable transport for all.

Lib Dems are fighting to give more young people the right to vote.

Many young people feel disillusioned with politics. With turnout still far below what it should be amongst young people, people understandably feel that power is very far away and remote. Young people need more than just economic support – they need a political voice.

We want to extend the vote to 16 and 17-year-olds. Young people’s voices need to be heard clearly in Westminster & Shirehall alike.

Lib Dems are fighting for free school meals for all.

It is a sad fact that some young people in Shropshire come from homes that the government has left behind. Poverty is often hidden, and often forms a vicious cycle that young people struggle to break out of upon leaving home.

We believe that at the very least, we should ensure that five days a week all primary and secondary school students are guaranteed a hot meal.

Lib Dems are fighting for quality apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships provide great opportunities for those who want to get to work as soon as they can to earn a living, whilst learning a trade. Despite this, many people struggle to find good apprenticeships. Liberalism is about creating opportunities, and we want this to change.

We want to double the number of apprenticeships locally, and to extend the program to the creative and digital industries.

Lib Dems are fighting to reintroduce maintenance grants.

In government, Lib Dems ensured that no student paid a penny upfront for their education. Protecting living standards for students was an essential piece of policy in the coalition. We want to ensure that all students have access to a good university education, without the fear of living on the poverty line.

We would reintroduce maintenance grants for poorer students, ensuring that universities are open to all.

Liberal Democrats are fighting for young people in both Westminster and Shirehall.

Are you with us?

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